About this Blog

ME. I'm conceited that way. Kidding.

On a serious note.
Why Bojinary? Boj being my nickname combined with Ordinary ( kinda like my last name ) & Visionary.
That is how I interpret my blogname. Or I was bored.

Sun Child Rendezvous. Why?
I'm a Leo, Child of the Sun.
I am one of the few remaining children of the Sun. I was bored.

Rendezvous, a meeting point.Again, I was bored.

This will be about the misadventures of a 20 something graduate student from the State University.
About a boy who left the mountains of Kafagway (Baguio, you nimwit)  in order to find Luck, Love & Life in the chaos of Manila. ( Which I kind of regret now ).

Join me in my misadventures.

Welcome to my world.